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299 National Ave S. | Bremerton, WA
Monday - Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

(360) 377-0682

299 National Ave S. | Bremerton, WA
Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

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4.2 out of 5 stars

Tony Frey
Tony Frey

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I recently purchased a 2011 Tiffin Allegro motorhome. I did not care for the way the motorhome drove particularly in windy conditions. I contacted B&B for a recommendation and they spent the time to test drive my motorhome, recommend corrections and to complete the work. From start to finish they were outstanding. I had a few concerns with the steering after the work was completed and they promptly got me back in, made a few tweeks and got me back on the road. The folks at B&B stand behind there work. I have since returned to them for some trailer work and again the service was outstanding. You have earned a lifetime customer.

Sincerely, Tony Frey

Jane Kennerly
Jane Kennerly

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

They don't call for updates or anything else except to collect money.

It's been close to 1.5 month since leaving the vehicle there to get it repaired for them to take it to the West Hills dealership less than 10 minutes away. The car is still broken as of this writing this review Aug 18, but at least the one thing B&B did right for us is to tell us there's an extended warranty for the problem.

My husband's car had a transmission problem where it couldn't get up to highway speeds. B&B Auto was one of the closest auto repairs so I escorted my husband's vehicle there onto their lot after hours Wednesday July 6, 2021.

They have a key drop box, which was one of the reasons my husband chose this auto shop. From a quick glance there appeared to be 30-40 cars during initial drop off, with about a dozen of them being RVs. Hopefully they have a way to keep track of all the vehicles in their lot. If they do, it failed us.

My husband didn't receive a call the next work day in the morning (before noon) from the shop acknowledging they've received the vehicle. It's only been there less than one work day so we're not worried yet. He eventually gets a hold of someone during the next work week. A mechanic has looked at the vehicle and it's something the dealership will fix. It seems like a B&B Auto will work with the dealership to fix the car and my husband moves onto weekly calls.

Third week in, my husband still hasn't gotten an estimated repair date. No communication initiated by B&B. At this point, he gets a hold of someone on the phone to tell him the car was dropped off at the dealership 2 days prior to the call.

5 weeks in, still no call from B&B or the dealership. We would expect the dealership to update the shop since they dropped off the vehicle. My husband calls for his weekly update, which the response is, "we're waiting for a call from the dealership" oh wait, it's still here in the lot. That afternoon, we get the FIRST call ever from B&B Auto saying diagnostics was performed on the vehicle and it'll be $157. The lady on the phone also politely lets us know they can take it to the dealership so they don't need to charge us for a tow truck. My car had maintenance at the West Hills Auto Complex (different car brand) so my husband tells the lady he'll check on his car then.

My car maintenance appointment comes and goes. (4 days ago as of writing this review) We look through the dealership lot, twice, at West Hills and didn't see his car.

We drive to B&B Auto. The car is STILL at B&B Auto's lot. So, it's been in their lot from July 6 - August 14, and they had promised during the payment collection earlier in the week to take it over.

Maybe it's a good thing they still don't have a voicemail box. The phone just rings forever. My husband gives up calling and leaves a new drop box card asking them to either call him, and either return his car keys or take it to the dealership.

Tuesday August 17, 2021, the DEALERSHIP calls my husband saying his car is there. B&B did not update us on moving the car over.

It took their tech less than a week to diagnose the car and know the dealership has an extended warranty on the issue, upon customer calling for an update.
3 weeks to say they moved the car to the dealership, upon customer calling for an update.
5 weeks to realize, upon customer calling for an update, that the car was still in their lot. Payment for diagnostics was requested that afternoon. The ONLY call B&B initiated.
6 weeks to actually move the car to the dealership.

To whoever spends their time reading what happened to my husband's vehicle and still chance their service here, I hope their management improves.

Jacob Willis
Jacob Willis

5 out of 5 stars

posted 18 hours ago

Owner is very professional and courteous. Would definitely recommend.

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