Quality Auto Repair in Parkwood, WA


If you’re tired of those mechanics who only want what’s best for their bottom line…


You know those mechanics who will tell you a laundry list of problems that you “Absolutely HAVE to fix today.”

Look, at B&B Auto Repair, we’ll always tell you everything to keep an eye on. And of course, we’ll repair what needs to be repaired. However, we’re never going to convince you to pay for auto repair you don’t need.

We’ve kept thousands of cars on the road since we opened up shop. We’ve also kept our satisfied customers because we make them feel confident about throwing us the keys. For years, we’ve been the dependable mechanics for all things auto repair in Parkwood.


Ever had this happen???


How many times have you been preparing for a long trip to your favorite destination and realize before you go your car isn’t running properly? Don’t let your trip to the coast or mountains be postponed! We’re known in Kitsap County for our quick service and accuracy when it comes to any of your auto repair needs. Bring it in as soon as you spot an issue and we’ll have it back to you quicker than you thought possible!


What do other customers think?

Robert N. had this to say after we helped him out when he was in a jam.

“Very impressed with the service at B&B Auto Repair. They replaced the clutch slave cylinder on my Ford F150 (with 163,000 miles) and the truck drives like new. I will be recommending B&B Auto Repair to everyone.”

That’s what YOU can expect when you bring your car into our garage!


So, what do you do when you want the best auto repair in Parkwood?


That’s easy, just give B&B Auto Repair a call at (360) 377-0682 or click here and schedule your service online! We look forward to diagnosing and repairing any issue you may be having with your car, truck, SUV, and more!