Auto Repair in Hansville, WA

Quality Auto Repair in Hansville, WA

Simply put, we love cars. We love seeing them driven around by happy people. We love seeing them get people where they need to go. And of course, we love fixing them. That’s why we provide the best auto repair in Hansville, WA.

Stay Rolling with our Routine Maintenance

Most cars will run for years but are cut short of this mark. A huge reason for this is lack of simple and routine maintenance. WHY?!

Your vehicle is a HUGE Investment! It’s a poor investment to not service its needs.


Get back out there after the major repairs

The other side of our business is fixing major repairs like brakes, axels, water pumps, timing belts, and much more. We know how big an inconvenience this can be. We’re sure to do our jobs right the first time to quickly get YOUR own car keys back in your hand ASAP.


What do other customers think?

Robert N. had this to say after we helped him out when he was in a jam.

“Very impressed with the service at B&B Auto Repair. They replaced the clutch slave cylinder on my Ford F150 (with 163,000 miles) and the truck drives like new. I will be recommending B&B Auto Repair to everyone.”

That’s what YOU can expect when you bring your car into our garage!


So, what do you do when you want the best auto repair in Hansville?


That’s easy, just give B&B Auto Repair a call at (360) 377-0682 or click here and schedule your service online! We look forward to diagnosing and repairing any issue you may be having with your car, truck, SUV, and more!