photo of car on road beside brown open field during cloudy daytime

Getting Away From It All: How Roadtrips Have Changed Since Covid

Lots of things have changed since COVID–but with so little distance from it, it can be hard to take a step back and realize how we’ve adapted. Sure, many still wear masks, we all are washing our hands more, and hand sanitizer is now easily accessible in most (if not all!) places. But what about our way of life? Here at B&B Auto Repair, we have been fascinated to find how road trips and travel have changed in the past two years!

Road trips have become much more popular since COVID.

Road trips have been a way of life for many, but they’ve gained popularity over the past few years. And it’s not just because of new technologies like self-driving cars or hydrogen-powered vehicles. It’s also because people think differently and choose where they travel and how they get there. After stay-at-home orders began lifting, COVID inspired many to road trip, and the numbers haven’t since slowed down. 

A lot has changed since COVID was more prevalent on these road trips, that’s for sure. You’re likely allowed to visit a city and all of its landmarks, when during COVID, you may have had to stick to open spaces and outdoor attractions. Additionally, more people have the option to work from home, and some are using that as an opportunity to work from anywhere!

Some prefer car travel to airplane travel now. 

One thing that’s stuck since COVID and will probably stick for longer is the preference to travel by car. Gas prices aren’t terrific, but for shorter distance trips, they beat the cost of a flight. Airplane travel was difficult during COVID and is even more difficult now. For that reason, some would rather hop in the car for a ten-hour trip than fly!

One thing’s remained the same: you need to get your car checked before heading out on a road trip!

We don’t know how road trips will change in the future, but we’re sure grateful for the opportunity we have to travel the open road. 

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