Photo by Shadrach Warid on Unsplash

How To Check Your Tires With A Penny 

Have you ever heard of the penny test?

Well, it turns out that a penny can save you a lot of money. With a simple coin, you can check to make sure your vehicle’s tire tread is adequate for being on the road. To do the penny test, all you have to do is:

  1. Find a penny.
  2. Looking at the “heads” side (Abe’s face), turning the coin upside down, pointing his head downward.
  3. Stick the penny in between the tread of your tire. 
  4. Notice whether or not you can still see the top of Abe’s head. If you can’t see his head anymore, then your tire has passed the penny test! 
  5. Check all four of your tires. You may be surprised by how different the results are on each wheel. 

If your vehicle has failed the penny test, then it’s time for a new set of tires. You should get this done as soon as possible to keep your family safe and vehicle running. Additionally, if you have two tires pass and two tires fail, it might be time to get a tire alignment. A tire alignment that’s off will put extra tread on one or two of your tires, which causes them to need replacing quicker. Getting this fixed will prevent other parts of your car from becoming damaged.

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