Photo by AJ on Unsplash

Spring has arrived in Bremerton, and the flowering trees are in full bloom! Our Spring is always so beautiful, and we are lucky to live in such a lovely place – as long as you’re not overcome with springtime allergies.

During the Spring, a friend of ours has hay fever so bad that he hates to leave his house. He tells us that he quickly dashes in and out of the house to grab his mail from the mailbox. He also dreads doing errands around town because the pollen bothers him so much.

There is good news for our friend and anyone who suffers from springtime allergies. 

When you replace the cabin filters in your vehicle, you will have a better chance of breathing easier while driving around town. At B&B Auto Repair, we want you to breathe easy as you cruise around town. We are happy to replace your cabin air filter, fuel filter, and any other filter that has accumulated too much pollen, dust, dirt, and debris.

If you are unsure what a cabin air filter does, how often it needs to be replaced, or what size it should be, here’s a helpful video explaining all of that and more:

Of course, there are reasons your cabin air filter needs to be replaced sooner. These reasons include:

  • Mold growth due to a wet climate, like here in Kitsap County.
  • Fire ash and debris from wildfires, which we have on occasion.
  • Extra dusty or sandy driving hazards, like 4-wheeling in the backcountry.

Either way, changing your cabin air filter on a regular basis keeps your car healthy and your sinuses healthy, too. Let B&B Auto Repair help you breathe easier this season. You’ll be glad you did.

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