The B&B Auto Repair team was among the volunteers at ATE 2022 in Seattle.

To be American is to become embedded with the culture. There are certain aspects of American culture that you cannot ignore, like apple pie, owning a car, and road trips.

But how did car culture become part of the American Dream? The short answer is that we live in such a large country, you need a car to get around it. To add, our cities are spread out among many square miles and across numerous bodies of water. Even if you’re in a smaller town, like those in Kitsap County, you still need wheels to get you to the store, to run errands, and back home.

We came across this video about how car manufacturers did their part to take control of America’s roads. Don’t miss this entertaining and educational video by Climate Town:


Even though change is in the air about what types of vehicles future generations will drive – think Electric Vehicles and Hybrids – it will be a long time before Americans are ready to ditch their vehicles. 

So what is the team of B&B Auto Repair in Bremerton doing to help our community with our cars? The answer is simple enough: we are doing everything we can to stay current with the evolving automotive technology.

In early April, the entire auto repair team at B&B attended the ATE conference in Seattle. This conference is an automotive training expo where we learn everything from diagnosing challenging vehicle issues to how to provide exceptional customer service. 

Training is a high priority to the B&B Auto Repair team, so we budget time and money throughout the year to ensure our technicians and service advisors get the most up-to-date hands-on training. 

We dedicated ourselves to providing a high quality of service, so it’s only natural that our mechanics continue to grow and progress within their craft. When we strive for constant improvement, we become more efficient, more capable of fixing challenging issues, and a better service organization. How does this benefit our clients?

When your vehicle needs factory-recommended service and repair, we invite you to B&B Auto Repair in Bremerton. Located at 299 S National Ave, Bremerton, WA 98312, we are open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. For best service, schedule an appointment. You can always depend on the B&B Auto Repair team for top-notch service and repairs.