Probably the most underrated parts of your car or truck are your windshield wipers. They’re the key to your visibility when the rain is falling, but they’re often neglected until it is too late. So let’s take a look at the most common annoying issue that you’ll see with your windshield wipers. Whether it’s summer, autumn, spring, or winter your wipers might have problems. We’ll see what causes these problems, and much more important, the way to fix them.
The problem: Windshield wipers stuttering/chattering
This is the annoying problems you may face when driving. It’s stressful enough to be driving while it is raining, but then to have the irritating sound of your wipers chattering round the doorway, well, it’s no wonder road rage is an issue nowadays.
In any case, windshield wiper studdering or chatter is the consequence of too much friction between the rubber blade and the windshield. The wiper’s rubber blade is sticking to the windshield causing it to “jump” across the windshield.
What causes the windshield to chatter and much more important how do you fix it?
The most typical source of windshield wiper chatter is a filthy windshield or filthy windshield wipers. This is the simplest place to begin looking and to look after. Your windshield and its wipers take an incredible amount of abuse as you’re cruising down the road at forty miles.
All that dust, road dirt, rubber, bugs, and whatever else you might encounter while driving will develop a picture across your windshield.
So get to scrubbing. Thoroughly wash your windshield altering your cleaning fabric frequently. We love to use a regular paper towel and glass cleaner. Take the time and ensure you remove all the cleaners off the windshield because after this dries it will cause some build-up that you’re trying to clean off right now.
While you’re cleaning your windshield, then give your wiper a rub down, too. Dirt and dirt could build upon these as well. A mix of rubbing alcohol and water will do nicely on caring for your rubber wiper blades. Cleaning your windows is the best starting point. It is more than likely the offender if your windshield wipers are making some chatter while they’re running. But, there might be several other reasons that your windshield is juddering. Let’s have a look.
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