Having your car’s air conditioning go out can wear out your day fast. The causes of broken air conditioning are generally compressor issues or leaks. In case your air is blowing cool but not cold, the problem may be a leaky filter, cooling fan problem, radiator trouble, or it might be that you need to recharge your AC.
You don’t need to tolerate your car. We’re going to give you tips on how we would fix your air conditioner. The toughest part of figuring out how the right fix is knowing where to start.
Let’s take a look:
CHECK THESE COMPONENTS: AC COMPRESSOR AND CLUTCH The AC compressor is a rotating pump that circulates refrigerant (Freon) through the system.
Common Issues: Leaks in more than one seals or the compressor will get too loose. Particle contamination from worn parts inside the compressor is a culprit. The engagement clutch may fail to make the compressor inoperative.
What to Look For: If the refrigerant is low, check for observable system escapes that appear greasy and green. Failing internal components caused by ordinary wear or very low AC oil levels caused by leaks.
Failed AC clutch. Failed power supply to the AC clutch caused by a blown fuse, bad pressure control switch, dash control module along with a broken circuit cable. Inspect and test before replacing it!
AC ACCUMULATOR / DRIER The Accumulator/Drier hastens and absorbs moisture. Moisture is like poison to the internal components of the system and may harm the AC Compressor as well. Based on your car, you might have an accumulator or a receiver/drier.
Common Issues: Internal failure allowing desiccant material to join the AC system. Like sugar in the gas tank, then this is in the wrong places which may cause issues. Leaks can result in over-saturation of the desiccant material that may lead to a compressor dealing with damages.
AC ORIFICE TUBE / EXPANSION VALVE The AC orifice tube/expansion apparatus filters also regulate the flow of refrigerant through your air conditioning system. Based on your auto, you might have an orifice tube or an expansion valve.
Common Issues: Contamination is the origin of the failure. In case the system pressures are too high or too low, the expansion apparatus could be the situation. But first, ensure the refrigerant levels are correct and the radiator/A/C Condenser fan(s) are working properly. Remember, inspect, and test before replacing it!
AC CONDENSER The AC condenser looks akin to a radiator and works in conjunction with the radiator fan(s). Air flowing across the AC condenser tubes cools the gaseous refrigerant that absorbed heat from inside the car. This returns the refrigerant back to a liquid state where it’ll once more enter the evaporator core and absorb heat from the inside.
If you need any help with your car’s AC just give us a visit!