Changing your oil is a simple task in most cases, but there are a few important areas that you should keep in mind. By following these 10 oils changing advice, your oil change will go down fast and not clogged.
Cool Your Jets.
Practice wrenching and using rubber gloves.
Hot oil might flow, but it’ll also cause burns if you do not allow it to cool down before changing it. Here’s a suggestion for speeding up your oil change – if the engine is cold, fire it up and operate it for 2-3 minutes.
The oil will heat up to about 100 degrees, which isn’t hot enough to burn you, but hot enough it’ll flow. In case the vehicle has been pushed, allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes before emptying the oil. It’s a great idea to wear rubber gloves and has loads of clean towels useful to remove any oil that spills on your hands.
Drain Pain. A good drain pan will make the task much easier. From left to right- Open form, semi-open with drain, completely closed with drain. A good drain pan will make the task much easier.
From left to right Open form, semi-open completely closed with drain. You are not gonna let that nasty oil flow free on the floor, you need a skillet. There are various types of drain pans – open-top, funnel top with drain spout and semi-open with a drain spout. The best form is the funnel top, as the oil is coated, there’s very little prospect of spilling the oil.
Oil filters can be a real bear to remove, particularly if your hands are coated in oil. The appropriate tool for the job always makes it easier. There are many popular tools for removing oil filters – end cap design, clamp style, claw foot wrench, chain wrench, and 3 jaws adjustable finish cap wrench. The end cap design wrench is a size wrench for one size of the oil filter. Unless of course you only have one car and do not ever plan to use it to alter the oil in other vehicles, then you may need many sizes.
This sort of filter wrench works well, it is not very versatile. Style wrenches use a spring metal clamp which tightens down to hold the filter. They work well, but a little troublesome to work within engine bays that are tight, and once they get slippery, they’re more difficult to use.
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