You’ve got a brand new set of tires for your car, replacing the old set of worn rubber. They were noisy, and each time you’d to brake hard, you lost traction.
Now you have spent the hard earned money on your car. New tires move a way to ensuring your safety whenever you travel. Here is the way to look after your new tires so that they last as long as possible while remaining safe.
Have routine tire rotations performed. It is inevitable your tires will wear down. That’s a byproduct of the friction tires encounter with the road.
To be able to ensure your tires last, and also to prevent abnormal wear patterns like feathering or cupping, it’s best to have your tires rotated. We have a fixed interval for tire rotation based on our upkeep schedule for tire rotations every 6, 000 miles or so. Follow the tire spinning principle to ensure the longest life of your tires.


Check and adjust the tire pressure.

A overlooked self check that has to be done is tire pressure adjustments. That is a spec set by your auto maker based on standards like your car’s weight, weight distribution, suspension, and steering design.
The suggested tire pressure for your car or truck is recorded on the yellow and white sticker on the driver’s door jamb. In case the tire pressure is low by five PSI, the outer edges of your tires will wear quicker than ordinary. Your fuel economics will be reduced by the miles per gallon. Your stopping distance will also be prolonged, and you may experience excessive influence when turning.
If your tire pressure is PSI high, the centre of your tread will wear too. So your stopping distance will lower due to diminished contact with the road. This means your suspension will feel a lot more company, and you’ll have excessive road noise. It’s usually recommended that you check your tire pressure with each fuel fill.

Make an annual wheel alignment done.

Regardless of what kind of road surfaces you push on, none is perfectly smooth. There are speed bumps, potholes, the road fractures, and curb to fight with. It can take only one effect with the control or a big pothole along with your wheel alignment is out of specification. In case your wheel alignment is off, then there’ll be excessive tire wear.
You might not even know your wheel alignment is out of specification. Your steering wheel may yet be straight and your automobile might never pull. Make an annual wheel alignment done to fight the effects of everyday driving. Taking good care of your tires will expand their life. If you suspect problems with wear, then have your tires checked as quickly as possible.