Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash 

Making New Year’s Resolutions is one of my favorite holiday activities–and I’m not alone. Millions of people participate in this annual tradition because it gives them hope, excitement, and goals to look forward to.

Some of the most common goals I hear are to eat better, keep organized, or take control of your health. Did you know you can extend these same principles to your vehicle? Below, I translate your most popular New Year’s Resolutions into Car Resolutions so your vehicle can reap the rewards! 

Fill Up With The Right Fuel

Wanting to fill your body with the proper fuel in 2023? Vegetables, green juices, and plenty of water? Do the same for your vehicle!

Well, not exactly the same. (Please don’t put any acai or spinach in your car!) You can dedicate the New Year to put the right fuel in your car. This is especially important for cars with turbo engines. 

Putting quality fuel into your car is essential to its performance and longevity. Poor-quality fuel can cause your car to run inefficiently, leading to increased fuel consumption, reduced power, and poor acceleration. 

Low-quality fuel can also cause deposits on the fuel injectors, leading to clogging and reducing the engine’s efficiency. On the other hand, high-quality fuel is free of contaminants and other impurities and helps keep your engine clean. It also helps ensure that your car runs smoothly and efficiently, so you can get the most out of it.

Keep Your Vehicle Organized

Another common goal I hear is decluttering or keeping the house clean. Why not extend this goal to your vehicle? 

Keeping your car organized is vital for safety and efficiency. An excellent way to start is by investing in a small trash bin that you can keep in your car. 

This will help you keep your car clean and free of clutter. You can also make a designated spot for backpacks, hiking gear, or other items you might need while on the road. 

Additionally, you can use organizers or storage bins to keep your car’s interior organized and easy to access. A designated place for essential items can help you stay organized and focused on the road.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines For Replacements

Do you want to make sure you’re taking care of your health? Regular doctor visits, investing in chiropractic care, or even finding the right therapist for you?

Why not do the same for your car by following manufacturer guidelines!

Okay, this one is the best stretch, but hear us out. Just like you, your car needs to be seen and cared for by a professional every once in a while. Some of us have bad hips, and some have weak ankles, and we may need to check in with a doctor every now and then to see if medication or vitamins are in order.

Your vehicle has a designated lifetime on most of its parts. Its serpentine belt, air filter, spark plugs, and more need to be replaced at designated intervals. Keep track of these intervals, and your car will thank you! 

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